For the benefit of the emblematic species that symbolize the UABC and others such as deer, lynx, puma and eagle.
– December 7, 2022 –


In search of the conservation of the bighorn sheep and its habitat in the State of Baja California, on October 26th, the UABC Foundation signed a work plan with the National Commission of Protected Areas (CONANP) to carry out various activities to improve the habitat in the protected area called Sierra de la Asamblea, where the Santuario Cimarrón is located.


The Cimarron Sanctuary is a project that has lines of action for the protection of the Sierra de la Asamblea, the dissemination of the importance of this natural area and, thanks to the subscription of the work plan, activities have been added that aim to recover areas of vital importance for wildlife affected by the drought in the region due to climate change.


Among the habitat improvement activities included in the work plan are the removal of palm tree trimmings and other debris from the natural oasis known as Palmar del Desmayado, the removal of a sand-filled water tank, and the installation of feeders with supplemental food for the bighorn sheep. Activities whose implementation will benefit not only the emblematic species that symbolizes our University and the State of Baja California, but also the rest of the wildlife that shares the Sierra de la Asamblea, such as deer, lynx, cougars, eagles, among others.


The Santuario Cimarrón Habitat Improvement Brigade, led by Enrique Ruiz Mondragón, the Santuario Cimarrón Operations Coordinator, is responsible for implementing the work plan. This brigade is made up of staff from the UABC Foundation (FUABC), residents of the communities surrounding the Sierra de la Asamblea, and members of the Comité del Santuario Cimarrón; however, next year the FUABC will launch a volunteer campaign to invite the university community to participate in the habitat improvement work.


“Without a doubt, the signing of the Work Plan for the Improvement of the Habitat of the Sierra de la Asamblea is a great step forward in the search for the conservation of the bighorn sheep and its habitat in the state of Baja California. In addition, it will offer the university community the opportunity to actively participate in the conservation of the species that identifies their alma mater,” said Mr. Ruiz Mondragón.

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