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We conserve 30,000 ha of natural areas through actions that mitigate the effects of climate change and protect ecosystems and wildlife from human activities.

Santuario Cimarrón Brigade

The Santuario Cimarrón work team is made up of volunteers, scientists, and residents of the communities surrounding the Sierra de la Asamblea who are committed to the conservation of Baja California's ecosystems and wildlife.
We maintain a permanent presence on site to prevent poaching and habitat destruction. If we detect any activity that threatens the wildlife or ecosystems of the area, we work with the appropriate authorities to resolve the situation.
We monitor the bighorn sheep population in the Sierra de la Asamblea using camera traps and ground and aerial surveys. We also study the diversity of wildlife that coexist with the bighorn sheep. In this way, we evaluate and monitor the conservation status of the species and its habitat.
Habitat improvement
In the Sierra de la Asamblea, we are restoring and maintaining areas important to wildlife that have been degraded by prolonged droughts in the region due to climate change. We also rehabilitate areas affected by hurricanes.

Rehabilitated areas

Palmar del Desmayado
The Palmar del Desmayado is one of the few oases left in the Sierra de la Asamblea. When we found it, the area was flooded with palm tree debris and the water in the area was completely buried. We dug out the water, cleared an area of 100 m2 around the water bodies and cleared the paths used by wildlife to access the site.

After these actions, the palm grove became a gathering place for the wildlife of the mountain range, where you can see herds of deer, flocks of birds, lynx, cougars, and of course, bighorn sheep.
Tinaja de la Rinconada
The Tinaja de la Rinconada is a depression that can hold up to 4,000 l of water. When we found it, it was completely silted up and not functioning as a natural water reservoir. So we started to clean the water out of the Tinaja and since then we have made sure that water is always available for the wildlife. Coyotes, foxes, lynxes, cougars and sheep come to the site to drink water.
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