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Environmental Education

Raising awareness of the importance of bighorn sheep and their habitat.

Alberto Tapia Landeros Conference Cycle

The Alberto Tapia Landeros Conference Cycle is the main environmental education activity of the Santuario Cimarrón. It consists of a series of lectures on topics related to the bighorn sheep and the Sierra de la Asamblea, presented by high-level specialists. The goal is to disseminate the ecological, cultural, and social importance of the bighorn sheep and its habitat, as well as to provide relevant and new information to those working to conserve the species.


We organize camps where we create an immersion experience in the natural, cultural and social environment of the Sierra de la Asamblea through wildlife observation tours, visits to cave paintings and coexistence with the local people.

Academic events

We have set up traveling exhibits of bighorn sheep and participate in academic activities for the dissemination of science organized by the Autonomous University of Baja California, where we speak about the importance of conserving bighorn sheep and the natural areas where they are distributed. We have also participated in national and international congresses where we have presented the main results of the project.
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