There is already an area of 32,000 hectares that has been taken into custody by the National Commission of Protected Natural Areas.
– October 14, 2020 –


The UABC Foundation (FUABC) held a barbecue to raise funds for the Santuario Cimarrón project, which has been in the works for three years.


Mr. Francisco Rubio Cárdenas, President of the Board of Directors of the UABC Foundation, welcomed 16 people to this event. Also present was Mr. Reginaldo Esquer Félix, director of the Santuario Cimarrón Project, who spoke about the work that has been done and mentioned that there is already an area of 32 thousand hectares that has been given to the UABC Foundation by the National Commission of Protected Natural Areas (Conanp). This property is known as La Asamblea and is located in the Valle de Los Cirios.


He explained that the contract for the possession of the said hectares contains the obligations that must be fulfilled by October 31st of this year. “We have to deliver a series of documents requested by Conanp, such as environmental management plans, a census of all the geographical areas, as well as the identification of the surrounding private areas and ranches; “we have already delivered two initial stages of the work they asked us to do, and we only need the operational plan”.


Likewise, he said that this event, held in Ensenada, is the first effort of a fundraising campaign that will also be carried out in Mexicali. “Part of the ideas that we are promoting to raise funds is to take advantage of the important research and artistic work that has been done by people close to the Foundation, who have donated their works for this fundraiser,” said the project director.


For the fundraiser, 20 copies of the book “Borregos: Historias Cimarronas” by the author Alberto Tapia Landeros, retired research professor of the UABC, were offered for sale. The book tells the history of this species, the relationship between man and the sheep, the hunting, the culture of the sheep, how they arrived, how they adapted, how they were divided into subspecies, how and when they reproduce, and above all, how many sheep there are today, in addition to all the studies that have been done until last year, with estimates that have been made in Baja California, Baja California Sur and Sonora.


Also the teacher Víctor Everardo Beltrán, former rector of UABC and who has a great career in photography, made a donation of 20 certified reproductions of his photographic work “Encounter of two species”, which have museum quality materials that allow the pieces to last and not be damaged by any type of lighting.


In the same way, 15 original works of art with the pointillist technique of Armando Tapia Landeros were promoted, and finally, a sculpture of a quarter-scale bighorn sheep, the work of master Alberto Tapia Landeros, was auctioned at the event.

In addition Georgina Walther Cuevas, Executive Director of the UABC Foundation, and Elizabeth Fernández Grijalva, Director of the Ensenada Chapter, distinguished guests were present.

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