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We support and conduct research that generates new knowledge about the Baja California bighorn sheep.

Community-Based Workshops to Involve Rural Communities in Wildlife Management Case Study: Bighorn Sheep in Baja California, Mexico

Sustainable wildlife management is achieved when planning is based on a thorough knowledge of the species to be harvested. The objective of this research was to generate such knowledge in two rural communities in Mexico through a collaborative process that integrates formal and traditional knowledge on bighorn sheep management.

Population and Conservation Status of Bighorn Sheep in the State of Baja California, Mexico

The bighorn sheep is a species of great ecological, cultural, economic, and social importance in Mexico. However, the current sheep population status in the state of Baja California has been unknown since 2010. The objective of this research was to update information on the abundance, distribution, and population structure of bighorn sheep in Baja California through an aerial survey.
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