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Santuario Cimarrón

Contributing to the conservation of Baja California's biodiversity

Supports wildlife

Welcome to Santuario Cimarrón. The project that gives you the opportunity to have a direct impact on the protection of the Bighorn Sheep. Make a donation today and help save this majestic species!


The Santuario Cimarrón is an emblematic project developed jointly by the UABC Foundation, the Autonomous University of Baja California, and the National Commission of Protected Areas, with the goal of contributing to the conservation of the Bighorn Sheep and its habitat in Baja California.


Our approach to bighorn sheep conservation is threefold:



habitat improvement

Environmental Education

We seek to educate and inform the public about the ecological, cultural, and social importance of the Bighorn Sheep and where they live.


We support research projects that contribute to the conservation of the bighorn sheep populations of Baja California and the ecosystems in which they are found.



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